Enjoy journey of 'Mr.India' in a ride

Now one can re-live the entire experience and meet the iconic Mogambo in a new ride at a theme park.

Shekhar Kapur

In a first-of-its-kind venture, the "Mr. India" gang has been re-created with a unique motion simulator ride to be launched in a theme park - Adlabs Imagica by Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL) - in Mumbai.

"'Mr.India' is a unique, animation and simulation ride. The story has been created by the Adlabs team. The ride is a story, which takes off from where we left 'Mr.India' and takes the audience through an immersive expereince," Pooja Shetty, joint managing director, AEL, told IANS.

Staying ahead of time, Mr. India has upgraded his old car with trap nets, jet packs and water blasters to ensure that you are fully equipped to take on Mogambo, a role played by Amrish Puri in the film that had Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the lead roles.

"To give Mr.India company, there are other characters too in the story. There is Seema (Sridevi), Calender (Satish Kaushik), and a few children, and Mogombo (Amrish) ... A new character is also there, who is Mr. India's side kick. He is very cute named Toota Foota," added Shetty.

The new character Toota Phoota, a robotic monkey, is made from all junk pieces, scrap material and obsolete home appliances,

Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai will feature 21 original attractions.

"The ride is very interactive that both children and adults will like. It should be open for general public by March-end," said Shetty.

To enjoy the rides, one will have to pay just once and then enjoy all the rides. The average ticket price would be between Rs.1,300 and Rs.1,500. 

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