Entertainment for Hospitality Industry

There was Cricket and Carnival Masti (Giant Sack Race, Lemon ‘n’ Spoon Exchange, Dough Kneading, Salver Run etc). And there were prizes galore to be won! Adding glitz and glamour to the event were celebrities like Dilip Vengsarkar, Rashmi Uday Singh, Prahlad Kakar, Deepa and Suhas Awchat among others.

Said Dominic Costabir, Director, HTI, “People working in the Hospitality Industry are always involved in entertaining others and hardly get a chance to be entertained. So we decided to get together with Mirachem Industries and give them a chance to have a whole day of fun!” 

Dominic Costabir, Aneel Murarka and Dilip Vengsarkar congratulating the winner

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