Entire Spanish village wins lottery except one who didn't buy ticket

Feb 03, 2012, 12:40 IST | ANI

A filmmaker living on the outskirts of Spain has become the unluckiest man in the village after he was the only one who didn't buy a ticket in the Christmas draw.

Costis Mitsotakis, who lives on the outskirts of Sodeto, was missed off as residents went round collecting money for the superdraw from the village's 70 houses, the Daily Mail reported.

A share in a single ticket would have cost him 4 pounds and would have won him an 83,000 pounds prize.

According to the New York Times, the Greek national moved to the area after falling in love with a woman. When the relationship fell apart he stayed in the area and has been renovating a barn.

However, Mitsotakis did not lose out entirely as the day after the Christmas draw was made a neighbour agreed to use their winnings to buy a plot of land he had been trying to sell.

The Spanish lottery El Gordo, the Fat One, has a total of 1,800 winning tickets. Each ticket costs around 16 pounds but it is sub-divided into four participations that cost around 4 pounds each.

Each one of the residents bought a ticket bearing the number 58,268 except for Mitsotakis.

While some people won 83,000 pounds after buying a single share, other villagers won millions.

In total, the people of Sodeto received around 100 million pounds of the 600 million pounds for the "first prize tickets". The rest of the 600 million pounds fund went to people in the town of Granen nearby and neighbouring villages.

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