London: English Premier League (EPL) side Arsenal's new signing Petr Cech has received several death threats from his former club Chelsea fans on Twitter following his 10 million pound move.

Petr Cech
Petr Cech 

Chelsea supporters appear to be unhappy with goalkeeper Cech's decision to move across London despite the fact the Czech Republic international represented his former side with distinction during his 11-year spell, reported on Monday.

Several Twitter users purporting to be Chelsea fans labelled Cech a 'traitor' while another said, "Cech is dead to me, the helmet wearing snake".

A Chelsea fan with the username '@Febreezion' went as far as tweeting: "Say goodbye to your family for one last time before they go to sleep, you won't be seeing them tomorrow you snake idiot."

Another Twitter user made reference to the incident which saw Cech sustain a serious head injury following a collision with then-Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt in October 2006.

"F*** you Petr Cech you f***ing snake, can't believe you went to f***ing Arsenal. Really wish Stephen Hunt ended your life. F***ing C***."

The disgusting tweets aimed at Cech and his close family continued throughout the evening with '@Enegali10' posting: "F******** off just saw Cech signed. Go f*** yourself. F****** brain damaged ugly sk**. Hope your kids have cancer. F****** nonce.

"I'm going to bring my SR-25 sniper rifle to the (Stamford) Bridge when we play Arsenal. Will be so f****** good to see Cech's blood on the pitch."

One Twitter user went as far as photoshopping a picture of a snake onto an image of Cech in a Chelsea shirt, while another burned a replica Blues No.1 shirt.