The Deols want to make the wedding a lavish affair with the who's who of Bollywood expected to troop in

Ever since Esha Deol announced her engagement with businessman Bharat Tahktani, there has been much speculation about when the two will tie the knot.

As it turns out, this is going to be sooner than expected, with the Deols likely to settle on a pre-monsoon date. According to sources, a pundit has also been deployed to find such a suitable date.

According to mother Hema Malini, "It is better if they get married as soon as possible. Why delay, when everything is in place? We're looking at a date before the monsoon. But it would depend on whether we are able to arrange everything within a few months. We also need to get the hotel booking done."

According to sources, the decision to have an early wedding was taken before the engagement. Malini added that the wedding will take place in Mumbai and will be attended by friends and family from both sides.

She said, "I couldn't invite anyone from the film industry for the engagement. But the wedding has to be lavish. We can't have it in the bungalow. It has to be at a hotel."

According to the former actress, both the Sindhi (Tahktani belongs to the community) and Tamilian wedding rituals will be observed on the big day.