Eskimo for J V Shukla Trophy

Seven runners will face the starter for the class III event to be run over the trip of six furlongs, and a close finish is expected between Sharaarat & Eskimo. The latter is my choice.

First race at 2.15 pm.

Grand Passion Plate - Div II (Class V; 1000m)
Celsius 1, Heavenly Prize 2, Fairy Queen 3.

Nyayo Plate (Class V; 1600m)
Oriental Sapphire 1, Queens Camp 2, Fairy Empress 3.

Grand Passion Plate - Div I (Class V; 1000m)
Josephine 1, Crrisp 2, Bathsheba 3.

Sir Rahimtoola Chinoy Trophy (Class II; 1600m)
An Acquired Taste 1, Ambrosia 2, Sumo 3.

J V Shukla - Ashwamitra Trophy (Class III; 1200m)
Eskimo 1, Sharaarat 2, Rising Power 3.

Star Admiral Plate (Class IV; 1400m)
Schwartz 1, Black Pearl 2, Purple Patch 3.

Elegance Plate (For 3y, maidens; 1200m)
Bulls Eye 1, Alecto 2, Eveready 3.

Best bet: None
Good bet: Josephine (3-4)
Chance bet: Eskimo (5-5)
Upset: Kalinga Star (2-5)

Today's pools
Super jackpot pool: 2,3,4,5,6,7
Jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7
Treble pool: 5,6,7
Tanala pool: All races.

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