Esther Anuhya Murder Case: Informers lead cops on wild goose chase

With no technical evidence to go by, cops have been relying on auto rickshaw and taxi drivers who operate around LTT for leads; each name provided by the drivers, however, has led them to a dead end

The utter lack of technical evidence in the murder case of software engineer Esther Anuhya case has left the Mumbai police solely at the mercy of informers for a breakthrough. And going by the number of false leads the cops have pursued over the past few days, the informers are taking them on quite a wild-goose chase.

Esther Anuhya’s charred body had been found on January 16, and while over 10 days have passed since the discovery, the police have no leads in the case so far
Esther Anuhya’s charred body had been found on January 16, and while over 10 days have passed since the discovery, the police have no leads in the case so far

Police teams from Zone VII of the Mumbai Crime Branch and the GRP have interrogated around 1,000 people so far. Esther’s charred body had been found on January 16, and while over 10 days have passed since the discovery, the police have no leads in the case so far.

“There is no technical evidence in the case. While we had managed to trace Esther’s mobile phone in Kanjurmarg, none of the suspects’ phones that we traced have shown them moving from LTT in Kurla to the spot where the body was found. We found her location through GPRS, as Whatsapp was activated on her phone. But most of the taxi, auto drivers don’t use Whatsapp, leaving us with no technical evidence,” said a senior Crime Branch officer.

The Crime Branch units are working on the case from different angles. “Several co-passengers have been interrogated; a doctor who was sitting beside Esther on the train has told us that she got down safely at LTT but does not know what happened after that,” said the police officer.

The police have also interrogated several taxi drivers, auto drivers, coolies, tea vendors and agents at LTT. They suspect that after Esther boarded a taxi or an auto, the vehicle’s driver raped her, killed her and dumped her body on the Kanjurmarg Service Road.

In the initial stages of the investigation, some taxi drivers who usually wait with their vehicles at the LTT had told the police that four taxi drivers were missing; the cops traced these drivers and interrogated them, only to understand that they were not involved in the crime.

“Some of the taxi drivers who gave us the information had a dispute with these taxi drivers and they wanted to put them in trouble, and dragged in their names. Another informer told the Property Cell of the Crime Branch that a taxi driver had taken a girl from LTT to Churchgate, and he had seen it,” said a police officer.

The officials immediately picked up the taxi driver, who, afraid of being thrashed by the police, concocted a story about picking up a girl and subsequently killing her. He added that he had been helped by one of his friends, who had returned to Uttar Pradesh after committing the crime. The police immediately left for UP and picked up the second accused. This man told them that him that he had reached UP to attend his sister’s marriage, and his friend had concocted the entire story.

Some other taxi drivers, disgruntled that they had not been invited to a birthday party hosted by another driver, led the cops to believe that some of the party-goers may have been involved in the crime. “We picked up all of them and interrogated them for three days. After one unit of the Crime Branch interrogated them, another picked them up for a second time. Ultimately, they were all let off,” said another Crime Branch officer.



  • RRP28-Jan-2014

    In a city like mumbai rape, kidnap, murder is usual. She is not my daugther, sister, wife or mother or Anushya's father not willing to distribute lacs to police and minister, then who want to waste their time to solve this

  • Amit28-Jan-2014

    Girl postmortem was done-that should have foreign DNAs detail. Suspects DNA should be matched with that.. Call records of suspects will be give detail of nearest BTS and registration records in VLR will further help in enquiry...

  • Anand28-Jan-2014

    It seems when Esther Anusuya's family members went to file police complaint in Mumbai they were told by the police " tumara beti kisi ko lekhe bhag gayi hogi" Your daughter must have eloped with someone. This is the level of police in Mumbai. If RR Patil has any dignity he should set an example and dismiss the cops who said this.

  • SD28-Jan-2014

    After the terrorist attacks, Mumbai is supposed to have a huge number of cameras at various locations. Didn't these cameras pick up anything? Honestly I think the Mumbai police should give some access to such data to her cousins and family, they seem to be more diligent and fruitful in their investigation than the Mumbai Police...God give her family strength to tide over these bad times....poor young girl....absolute barbarians whoever did these...should be shown no mercy...

  • Kalyan Janakiraman28-Jan-2014

    I believe, those providing false information intentionally to police must be fined severely. if govt passes a law that holds people responsible for what they say, then lot of confusion and playing pranks on already stretched govt resources could be reduced. This should be part of the Jan Lokpal.

  • Alice30-Jan-2014

    Read some comments above.. Nothing will happen in this city.. By dismissing certain sect of cops is of no use. Each and every cop needs to be given lessons on how to talk and treat a victim and their family.

  • RS28-Jan-2014

    The dead body of Esther was traced by the family members - Useless Mumbai police. The case should be handed over to the CBI.

  • Jawadhussain29-Jan-2014

    Just Give Justices to the poor Father & Mother who have lost the dear one.

  • preeti28-Jan-2014

    Esther's belonging missing though gold ring and mobiles left at the crime scene- does it sound like robbery at any angle. Autopsy is done but no DNA test to as certain the identity of body specially after face was burnt beyond recognition- how to believe body was of Esther. I had never imagined indian woman are leaving such an unsafe environment- where such a serious investigation is being treated like joke, no scientific or detective approach- pethatic.

  • OB29-Jan-2014

    If She was the daughter of Police officer/commissioner, investigating the case,They would have easily found the mystery behind Anuhya's death.

  • pank29-Jan-2014

    I hope the police find the culprits and make an example out of them. If crimes like this go unsolved it might give rise to copycats. I pray that they get caught. My condolences to her family. I also request mid-day to keep the story alive so that the pressure stays on the people trying to solve the crime. Maybe that might make people come ahead and give some leeds.

  • pdp31-Jan-2014

    Mumbai police should be punished in this case as they have not respoded immediately. If any mumbai girl dissapears in AP then they know the real pain.

  • Anonymous29-Jan-2014

    Look at the level of resources with the police. Look at the picture. No gloves, No masks. The are tying handkerchiefs around their face and going.

  • kishu28-Jan-2014

    why the police are not interrogating in other ways,the person who has given lunch box in hyderabad to anuhya appeared in other state , and they have not questioned there co employees (male) in mumbai , may be they might have supported others to do this kind of brutal murder. please i request police to think like professionals , & not like watchman

  • philip diago31-Jan-2014

    Instead of police n CBI I think good private Detective can solve this case. Mid-Day pls. let this issue be alive. God Bless This Girls Fly. Members.

  • jennifer29-Jan-2014

    somebody is paying the cops a huge amount to close the case as unsolved. Shame on Mumbai Police - so easily bribed and justice can take a hike!

  • Anonymous28-Jan-2014

    This is a CBI case. Now it will take 5 years to transfer it to them. I think when her family went to that idiot # 1 S K Shinde, this is the first request they should have gotten approved

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