Software engineer murder: Cops detain two auto drivers who partied together the night after Esther went missing

The driver who threw a bash on his birthday, and one of his guests, have cases of sexual harassment against them at different police stations

Cops investigating the murder of software engineer Esther Anuhya detained two auto drivers who operate around Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT), from where the victim had gone missing on the morning of January 5. The auto drivers were reportedly present for a birthday party held on the night of January 5, the same day that Esther went missing. Eight auto drivers attended the party.

Police officers investigate at the site where Esther Anuhya’s charred body was found in the bushes of Bhandup. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Both the young driver who threw the party to celebrate his birthday, as well as one of his fellow rickshaw drivers who attended the party, have cases of sexual harassment against them at different police stations. “We have detained the two suspects and are trying to interrogate them, as we are still hunting for some leads in the case. After questioning the said auto driver, it has been found that more than seven auto drivers were at the party that night. The auto rickshaw driver had cut a cake and they had consumed alcohol,” said an officer, requesting anonymity.

Investigators are scrutinising the mobile records of all the auto rickshaw drivers for leads in the case. The cops are verifying whether the suspects and the victim shared similar mobile phone locations at any point.
Meanwhile, investigations have revealed that Esther’s phone, which had been switched off since her disappearance, was turned on by someone on the morning of January 9. The cell phone tower’s location was traced after this.

“Someone might have found the mobile and picked it up with the intention of robbing it, and even switched it on. But after seeing the dead body, the robber might have thrown the phone and fled from the spot,” added the officer.

The case
Esther worked with TCS as a software engineer and lived in Andheri. She had gone home to meet her family for Christmas in Machilipatnam on December 22. She landed in Mumbai on January 5 at LTT, after which she went missing. Her charred remains were found by her family members on January 16 from the bushes near Tata Nagar Colony in Bhandup (East). The post- mortem reports revealed that she was raped before being killed. Since then, auto rickshaw and taxi drivers near LTT have been under the scanner.

  • Indian12323-Jan-2014

    Even after 18 days since the complaint was lodged, there no clues that could be generated by the Mumbai Police. It's time the police accept their inefficiency and handover the case to CBI, ASAP. Remember, the perpetrators of the crime are still at large and there is every probability these killers might repeat this dastardly act at some other location. On Jan 6th there was another dead girl found floating on water, with a boulder tied to the waist, near the Naigaon bridge. No clue yet.

  • Joy Paul24-Jan-2014

    First of all: When its mentioned that the phone was "turnedon" on 9th. The girl was kidnapped on 5th till 9th what were the cops doing? Why didn't they try to trace the phone location? Cause according to the report its stated that she was killed on 9th, if the location had to be traced on 9th she would have been alive. Second of all: When the Cabbies or Drivers have the Sexual Harassment Cases on them why does not the Govt seize they license. cont...

  • Samsul J Akhtar23-Jan-2014

    L T terminus is not safe for general Passengers. there are some communication problem and lack of Police protection.

  • Anonymous23-Jan-2014

    It's ridiculous as Police are struggling to even gather strong leads. As if the delay in tracking her down wasn't sufficient, now they don't even have concrete evidence or even a hypothesis of what could have happened that night not to mention there isn't enough to start working with. As an ex cops relative, I have observed how outdated their jeeps, wireless and the computer equipment are. Where does all the money set aside for police department go? They are no where close to solving this

  • Kishan Mirajkar Rao23-Jan-2014

    Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) has become a place for criminal now a days...

  • preeti23-Jan-2014

    What date and time she is killed as per autopsy. As well if DNA test is done to as certain the identity of body as Esther's . This is unfortunate incidence and lack of administration- as well points out woman are not safe in India.

  • Joy Paul24-Jan-2014

    Finally a kind request for the cops, don't just sit there and watch the show. Cause for sure there will be one day for sure when the tables will turn around and this silence of your action will impact you all a lot. Don't be surprised if someday someone close to you goes missing. Cause this is the world which is under control of your people. There will be a Revelation one day when the common man will no more be resisting this crap. You will have to answer every act happening around.

  • Vishal Shah23-Jan-2014

    LTT is an area of world famous Don Chotta Rajan and most of the local Auto Drivers there have criminal records too. Auto owner are so fearless that they dont even listen to cops bcoz of bhai connection. If you go to LTT early in the morning, you will see cops extorting money from Taxi drivers and passengers travelling to Northern India specially our poor UP & Bihar people. Its a big Racket and everyone is involved in criminal activities right from RPF, Cops & Auto drivers.

  • Arun K23-Jan-2014

    Its strange that this case is not being accorded the priority is has to , as this raises the question regarding he safety woman to travel safety in Mumbai even at morning hours -

  • Joy Paul24-Jan-2014

    They are not able to trace "Auto Drivers or the Cabbies" what is there was an international criminal who would be threaten us, What would the Cops & the Leaders do.

  • Abhishek salpe23-Jan-2014

    I think that why tainted people with criminal record having cases against them are allowed to roam freely and that also driving rickshaws , buses ,taxi and when they do such hilarious crimes records against them only they surface ,I think govt should not allow permission to drive such public transport after any criminals records are found !!!!

  • Anonymous28-Jan-2014

    Cops are of no use.They will not show any urgency for such incidents but yes if you coming back from work in night they will stop the cab and investigate "kay re call center chi cab aahe ka kutoon aali aahe" all that shit which is not even relevant.They will check PUC which should not even bother them.But when they see any such incident happening on road they just stand and watch as no FIR is registered.Cops in night duty are known for the best work they do is collect money from Auto,taxi,trucks...We are not Safe...We expect protection from Cops they dont even know how to talk to a female..Mumbai is unsafe..

  • Kumar27-Jan-2014

    The antipathy of police is shocking in many ways......first, this is not a case where some high profile figures are involved, so we could understand why the police may drag its feet in the investigation.....if this is the way police behaves, how ordinary people can expect to get justice...more shocking that the mumbai police top brass didn't care to take any action against the policemen for dereliction of duty by not investigating this case properly...mumbai police needs a drastic shakeup

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