Esther Anuhya's father expects death penalty for Sanap

After Chandrabhan Sanap was convicted by a Mumbai Sessions court for raping and murdering Esther Anuhya on January 5, 2014, Esther’s father Singavarapa Jonathan Surendra Prasad (60) says that he is happy that the culprit has been convicted but he cannot get over his loss.

Prasad, a retired person who stays with his daughter and wife at Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, told mid-day, “I and my other daughter are very happy with the conviction but we can’t get over the loss.” He also said his wife is still to recover from the loss of her daughter.

“She is still disturbed, she keeps saying that Esther comes in her dreams and speaks to her,” said Prasad. “I am expecting capital punishment for the culprit. People should understand that the law is not sleeping. We don’t visit Mumbai as whenever we go there we remember all that has happened, so I didn’t come for the judgment,” he said.

Speaking about the investigation, Prasad said, “In the initial stage the investigation was not proper. After former Mumbai Commissioner Rakesh Maria took interest in the case and pushed the proceedings forward, the police took effort, letting this case to come to a closure.”

He added, “Previously we used to watch all the crime shows on television, but after this incident, we completely stopped watching them as it takes us back to those memories.”

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