Chandrabhan Sanap, the accused in the Esther murder case, has revealed that his original scheme only involved theft, not attempted rape or murder.

Esther Anuhya Chandrabhan Sanap
Esther Anuhya and Chandrabhan Sanap

After escorting Esther from the platform to his bike on the pretext of dropping her to Andheri, he had intended to flee with her bags.

But because of Esther’s promptness in protecting her belongings, he was forced to take her on the bike. Aroused by the physical contact with Esther on the bike, he decided to try and rape her.

A Crime Branch officer said, “After reaching his bike, Sanap was pretending to convince her. Suddenly, he took her bag, placed it on his bike’s petrol tank and started the engine.

Anticipating that he would flee with her bag, Esther immediately hopped on.” It was this impulsive and desperate attempt to save her valuables that cost Esther her life.