Ethical hacker who revealed Khadse's links with Dawood ready for probe

Ethical hacker Manish Bhangale, who claims to have established that Khadse had been receiving calls from Dawood Ibrahim's Karachi home, especially from a phone line registered in the name of the fugitive's wife, stood vindicated after Khadse's resignation. He told mid-day that his investigations would bear fruit. He, however, said he was not a political worker and, hence, would like to stay away from the euphoria that Khadse's rivals are experiencing.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Khadse has called you a thief and a threat to national security...
A. It doesn't make a difference to me. As an ethical hacker, I have been working in the interest of national security. I have already moved the Bombay High Court, which will hear my case on June 6 in this regard.

Ethical hacker Manish Bhangale wants a CBI probe into Khadse's alleged links with Dawood Ibrahim
Ethical hacker Manish Bhangale wants a CBI probe into Khadse's alleged links with Dawood Ibrahim

Q. Khadse asked for a probe against you as well.
A. I welcome the demand. I'm prepared for any investigation. In fact, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) called me on Saturday for a statement in Mumbai, but I couldn't go because I was in Jalgaon. My lawyer represented me however.

Q. Do you think the state agency will be able to do you justice?
A. I have urged the High Court to appoint the CBI to probe the matter. I want them to start a probe at the earliest because the web links that I have been hacking are still active.

Q. Some people doubt your credibility.
A. It doesn't bother me. I have decided to follow the High Court's guidelines. Let the court hear me first and decide the next course of action.

Q. Khadse's supporters in Jalgaon are angry. They protested on Saturday. Do you not fear them?
A. I'm completely safe here. The Jalgaon police did a commendable job of protecting me. I thank the police for ensuring my safety. I'm leaving for Mumbai to attend the court hearing. I'm fearless because the police are protecting me and the people, too, support me.

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