Even hammered bowlers hail cricket's new national hero - Pranav Dhanawade

While the world lauds the 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade's 1009 not out, spare a thought for the opposition.

Pranav's family and friends celebrate his record 1009 not out yesterday. Pics/Sameer Markande
Pranav's family and friends celebrate his record 1009 not out yesterday. Pics/Sameer Markande

The Arya Gurukul School bowlers bore the brunt of the monumental onslaught from the Smt KC Gandhi School.

As if Pranav's mammoth innings wasn't enough, Arya Gurukul were shot out for 52 in their second innings. To say that it was a tough day for them would be an

Coach Yogesh Jagtap of the Arya Gurukul School lauded Pranav for his innings and mentioned that his first choice unit wasn't available for the game. "This is our B-team. Our main team was not allowed (to play the game) due to exams."

As their batsmen tried to fight in the second innings, the Arya Gurukul schoolboys sat along the boundary. There were smiles and claps, with an inevitable sense of acceptance of the storm that had hit them.

"He kept hitting and we could not think of what to bowl to him," said one of the victims of the onslaught. The bowlers also rued the numerous dropped chances which only piled on the misery.

'He hit us everywhere'
"We tried to change things but wherever we bowled, he hit us everywhere," said one of the Arya Gurukul bowlers.

At one stage, Arya Gurukul also asked their wicketkeeper to abandon the gloves and bowl, for they felt that he was a little quicker than the others. "But Pranav would simply get in line with the ball and play it very well," added the bowler.

As many as four bowlers conceded over 200 runs, one of them going for over 300.

"He has made our country proud with this record," said another bowler as his teammates smirked in unison even as they would rather prefer to forget the last two days.
However, it isn't all gloomy for Arya Gurukul School. Jagtap said that these boys have enjoyed their first ever two-day game.

"I told them that they are fortunate to play a two-day game against Kalyan's best team. We will take this experience positively as we have learnt a lot from these two days," said Jagtap.

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