Even as pilots quit, KF pays junior level staff

Quelling fears of disgruntled employees, Kingfisher remunerates two months' salary of lower level employees; will pay the remaining staff next weekend

With an aim to pacify workers from the lower rung of its workforce, cash-strapped Kingfisher airlines on Saturday paid pending salaries to its lower bracket employees that were pending for the last two months.

The payment of salary to the ground handling staff and technicians comes against the backdrop of uncertainty that is looming around the financial health of the troubled airline among the employees.

The airline had defaulted on the salary payment to its employees, but looking at the current crisis within the airline, the management wanted to dispel fears among workers in the lower level first. The salaries of those in the upper bracket, however, are likely to be released next weekend.

Payment of salary was aimed to send a message to the disgruntled employees that the airline regards them as a priority and is concerned about their welfare. In the past few months more than 100 pilots have quit Kingfisher airline due to salary issues.

"Everyone is worried. In a situation when the company is making losses and has also shut down one of its services recently, everyone is nervous about their future. The work force in the lower bracket gets a low salary and if they do not get the salary on time, things become bleak for them," said a ground handling staff from Kingfisher, on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, a Kingfisher airline spokesperson confirmed that the salaries were pending, he said, "Yes, the salaries were delayed and the company is working on this aspect."

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