Dear Diana,
I’m 18 and in junior college. I am obese with health issues, but good at academics. I realise how difficult it is for a person like me in the real world. In school, students would poke fun at me, but due to the strict discipline they could be controlled. Now that I am in college, many students make fun of me. Like in school, I can’t be running to the teachers to take disciplinary action. College is a different world. I feel lonely at times, though my family is extremely supportive.
— Shayaan

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre 

Dear Shayaan,
Learn to ignore. It will be tough, but when you don’t react over a period of time people will stop making fun of you. They want a reaction from you. They want you to get affected. When they realise that you are immune to their comments, they will gradually stop. People make fun because it gives them that superior feeling. They are so insecure that making fun of others makes them feel better about themselves. Also, remember everyone has that something in them. You are good at studies, so give those people who pass comments a fitting reply by topping the class. They will then have to notice you — and look up to you.