Ewan Mcgregor impressed with 'The Impossible' kids

He is giving a huge boost to the careers of Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin, and Oaklee Pendergast, by insisting every major director should work with them, reports

Ewan Mcgregor
Ewan Mcgregor

"I've seen directors actually scare children to provoke a reaction. I don't know what their concept of acting might be, but they were extraordinary. There was a great understanding of pretend and reality," said Mcgregor.

"They called me and Naomi (Watts) mum and dad on set, but they liked that because it was a game and it was funny. It helped to create this family that we have to believe in. Oaklee was ad-libbing lines all the time and he had real tears streaming down his face in scenes. They gave these incredible performances, these little people," he added.

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