New Delhi: Amid a volley of stings that have rocked the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), former Congress legislator Asif Mohammad Khan yesterday made fresh claims of having two more tapes, including one on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. However, he failed to produce any.

The former Okhla MLA did not make any of the alleged stings public and remained tight-lipped on the contents of the tapes. “Yesterday (Thursday) I had said that I had a sting of Sanjay Singh. Today I have one more sting of Arvind Kejriwal,” Khan told reporters.

Khan had claimed that he held meetings with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia once and Sanjay Singh, another senior AAP leader, twice last year to discuss the possibility of government formation. He had also recorded the conversation between him and Kejriwal.

“The meeting was arranged by a television reporter at his residence. We had two meetings. Singh had asked me to convince the party leadership to support AAP for the government formation. He also said that since three MLAs were Muslims, we should support AAP instead of BJP.

Three days after the first meeting, I again met him to convey that we are not keen to align with the AAP and the matter should be put to an end,” Khan said. He also lashed out at Kejriwal for his comments in an audio, in which the Kejriwal is purportedly heard saying Muslims don’t expect AAP to field many candidates fromtheir community but want the party to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“This is how Arvind Kejriwal is scaring the Muslims using the name of Narendra Modi,” Khan said. Rebutting the allegations levelled by Khan, Singh said he would quit politics if it was proved that he offered money or any ministerial berth to Khan or anyone.

“He (Khan) had initially said that he would release the sting yesterday (Thursday) evening. Today (Friday), he says that he will release the sting by 12 PM. Then why does he not release the sting he has?” Singh asked.