Sana Chaudhary points to sexual, mental harassment cases in her book

New Delhi: Sona Chaudhary, the former India women's football captain's book 'Game in Game' has an explosive ring to it despite she admitting that her book is based on 90 per cent facts and 10 per cent fiction.

"Chaudhary has made several shocking revelations in her book, including several cases of sexual and mental harassment by the officials against the women footballers. Talking about her book, Chaudhary informed that the Indian women footballers used to depict themselves as lesbians in order to avoid being raped by the officials," ANI website reported yesterday.

"Today, we have support systems. But in our time, we did not have economic support systems," Chaudhary was quoted as saying. She added: "I have written about the things that are spoiling the system. I request you to see it in a large perspective. We have suffered a lot as far as getting adequate facilities are concerned." She played for India from 1995 to 1998.

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