New Delhi: BJP MP and Mumbai former Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh was yesterday stopped while he was travelling in his car in Delhi, bearing an even registration number.

Baghpat MP Satyapal Singh
Baghpat MP Satyapal Singh

Singh claimed that he is exempt from the rule, since he and his wife come under the ‘protection of the government of India.’

The Baghpat MP’s white SUV, with six (even number) as the last digit of its registration number, was stopped by police officials near India Gate and he was sitting on the back seat, said a police official.

When mid-day contacted Singh, he said, “Someone is making it a big issue. The news is false. My car was parked. I was not given any challan or anything. I am also exempted from the rule. (But) I follow (the) rule.”

He claimed, “Me and my wife come under protection in government of India. We both are under security cover and therefore, we are exempted from the rule.”

However, the list of people exempt from the rule makes no mention of any exemption for people under security cover.