Ex-teaching assistant turns professional twerker, earns six-figure income

Florida: Four months as a preschool teacher to six seconds of twerking — Jessica Vanessa switched careers as she realised the latter was more ludicrous. The 22-year-old has become a social media superstar, thanks to her well-endowed assets.

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Now, Vanessa has over two-million followers, so advertisers are willing to pay her thousands of pounds to mention
their products during her twerking films.

Blessing in disguise
“It’s definitely a blessing. Thanks to this move, I could afford to buy a new car, and pay off my education loan,” said Vanessa. She described herself as a normal girl from Florida before her first video, Vine, went viral and put her on the road to fame.

While Vanessa knew quitting her job was a risk, she had told herself, “Either I would end up making money doing the videos or I’d go broke and jobless.” While she has surely hit a jackpot, she admits that fame comes at a price. “I get plenty of rude comments. I’ve even had two breakdowns over them, which made me reconsider my decision,” said the twerker.

“I would have no problem showing my grandmother my twerking videos — she is wild and crazy and would probably want to join in with me.” Meanwhile, Vanessa’s father, Rafael De Leon, 46, struggled to come to terms with her career choice, but now supports her wholeheartedly.

A pawn broker, he said it was hard to accept her profession at first, as it was difficult to get used to the fact that she had grown up.

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