Exams, paper evaluation for science stream to go online

Nov 28, 2011, 07:51 IST | A Correspondent
Next academic year onwards, the University of Pune (UoP) will conduct online internal and practical examination for all the students of science faculty.

The purpose is to streamline the examination process and to prevent copying and other malpractices and also to reduce inconsistencies in evaluation. Officials said paper correction would become easier and also the university would be able to declare the results on time.

Officials said the UoP would set up a committee of the members from the Faculty of Science (FoS) that will introduce the exam in faculties of physics, electronics, statistics, computer sciences and application and other departments of science.

"We'll conduct online exams on a trial basis. We are yet to consider if it would be feasible to conduct the examinations for science students online from next year. The committee will look into all the issues before it is implemented," said Dr Vasudev Gade, director of Board of College and University.

Another official said: "The UoP, which is facing shortage of evaluators, will be able to save time as all processes from examination to paper correction will be done online."

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