Excessive dumping of debris plagues Sion-Panvel E-way

Residents of Navi Mumbai have been plagued by debris being dumped on the Sion-Panvel Expressway for a long time now. The excessive dumping coupled with strong winds continuously blows dust and stone fragments on to the expressway, acting as a visual barrier.

Driving home the point: Drivers complain that the excessive dumping coupled with strong winds continuously blows dust and stone fragments onto the expressway, acting as a visual barrier

This problem could intensify during the monsoons. Since the debris is dumped just a few feet from the expressway, the dirt along with rainwater could easily flow on to the road and may cause accidents.

Prabhu, who has a stall located near the Expressway, said, “Around 15-20 days ago a few JBC earthmovers broke down illegal structures made by workers involved in the construction of the road. However, after the structures were razed, the earthmovers moved all the debris to the side of the road and disappeared.”

Prabhu also claimed that the work to remove the debris had started a few days ago; however, the workers did not show up from the next day.

Vaibhav Gaikwad, corporator for ward No 53, said the workers built several temporary structures to live in. “I notice that the workers made the area very filthy, and I have filed many complaints,” said Gaikwad.

“After their work was done they razed the structures and moved the debris to the side of the road,” he added. When Gaikwad questioned them about removing the debris, they claimed they were going to use it at a later date.

Abdul Ansari, another stall owner by the Expressway said, “The amount of debris by the road keeps increasing every day. I have personally never seen them dump the silt and debris.”

Ansari also said that on many occasions he had to himself move huge rocks that were dumped directly in front of his stall.

When contacted, an official of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NNMC), on condition of anonymity, said, “The issue was recently brought to our notice; however we do not know who is responsible for the dumping. Once we get to know who has been dumping the debris we will take the required action.” 

Jetin Mukhi,

A resident of Vashi, The debris leads to traffic problems because the dumping has made the road narrower and has also caused a stench.

Sudesh Keni,
A resident of Vashi, Due to debris being dumped along the road, it has become narrower for drivers. The dumping is done illegally at night. There should be a proper vigilance unit to keep an eye on the errant persons. 



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