'Experimenting with horror'

Actor Jimmy Shergill says the sole reason for choosing the role of a security agent in his upcoming horror film 'Darr @The Mall' is because he has never starred in the genre before.

Jimmy Shergill, 'Darr @ The Mall'
Jimmy Shergill

The 43-year-old 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster' star, who has done movies in almost all genres, said he liked the story and the concept of the movie. "I like the concept of the movie, and the role of a security guard in a haunted mall, which I have never done before," Shergill said.

"I do not like to do night shootings because of health reasons. But the script was such that I had to give it a try. I believe it matches the standards of an international horror movie," he added. This is Shergill's first horror movie ('Flat' being a suspense-thriller) and the actor believes that if given another chance, he would definitely do another spooky movie.

"If somebody comes up with a good concept for a horror film, then I will do it," he said. The film was mostly shot at various malls in the city at night. But there were no spooky or scary experiences. Apparently, the film's premise is a mall haunted by spirits which has killed nine people.

When asked if he thinks that the movie will enter the 100-crore club, he said, "I never think about 100 crore. I always think about the role or the character I play. Rest depends on the audience. The audience have gone a bit experimental these days and loves the new stuff," he added.

But the actor, who has tried hands in comedy, romance, drama and action, has a soft corner for light-hearted movies. "The audience has given me a lot of love for my various roles. But I want to do some more light-hearted romantic movies," he added.

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