Experts collect Roebuck's semen samples

Nov 21, 2011, 09:17 IST | IANS
Investigators have collected semen samples from a bedsheet at the Southern Sun hotel in Cape Town to determine whether acclaimed cricket journalist Peter Roebuck, who committed suicide last week, sexually assaulted Zimbabwean Itai Gondo.

Peter Roebuck

The Courier Mail reported that Gondo, who lodged a sexual assault complaint against Roebuck, spoke out again to provide more detailed accounts of his dealings with the journalist.

Gondo accused Roebuck of playing mind games to trick him into stripping, claiming the journalist described it as "peeling off the layers to get to the real me". Gondo was taken to a Cape Town hospital by South African police following Roebuck's death to provide DNA and blood samples to a state pathologist.

It is also being alleged that Roebuck's semen spilled on to a bedspread as he attempted to have sex with the 26-year-old IT student. Forensic analysis will now check whether the semen samples match Roebuck's DNA.

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