Extortionist sends flowers to Salman's lawyer

Ramchandra Chatri, the alleged mastermind of the plot to extort money from Dipesh Mehta, sent a letter with a bouquet, asking the advocate to settle the matter by paying the money to avoid harm

The main accused in the plot to blackmail advocate Dipesh Mehta into paying up money is growing more brazen by the day. Ramchandra Chatri, who is allegedly the brain behind the plan to extort money from Mehta, sent a bouquet to the lawyer’s office in Bandra (West) yesterday. The Bandra police have detained the man who came with the flowers.

Ramchandra Chatri has asked Mehta to not speak to the media, but pay up the demanded amount instead
Ramchandra Chatri has asked Mehta to not speak to the media, but pay up the demanded amount instead

This is not the first time a threat was sent. Last month, a bouquet was sent to the lawyer with a live cartridge, asking him to pay Rs 2 crore. According to sources at the Bandra police station, a delivery man came with a bouquet at Mehta’s office in Dhoop Chhaon building in the afternoon. Security at the entrance informed another lawyer Kaushal Thakkar about the flowers. The delivery boy was taken inside and offered snacks. In the meantime, the police were immediately informed; they arrived in the office and detained the delivery boy of a small shop in Bandra (W).

Dipesh Mehta
Dipesh Mehta

Along with the bouquet was a letter addressed to Mehta, senior PI Ramchandra Dhawale of Bandra police station and Bandra Crime Branch. The letter mentioned that involving the media wouldn’t make the matter better and in order to resolve the issue, he suggested the lawyer pay up the asked amount.

Chatri also threatened that if the lawyer didn’t heed his warnings, ‘Azad Gang’, the group of people on whose behalf Chatri claims to be mediating, would harm Mehta. In the letter, Chatri, a former police informer, openly challenged cops that they couldn’t arrest him. MiD DAY has carried several reports on how police have failed to nab Chatri ('Mastermind of gang behind extortion still at large, December 26, and 'Lawyer continues to get extortion calls, cops clueless', January 1).

On January 17, this newspaper carried a front-page report on Chatri’s bold moves and how he had given cops the slip four times ('Police set 4 traps, but can’t nab their own informer'). Chatri’s sister had been called in for questioning that same morning. In the afternoon, the ‘gift’ reached Mehta. Police were in the process of taking the delivery man’s statement.



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