Montreal: Sebastian Vettel has prompted worldwide glee after telling Lewis Hamilton how he avoided two seagulls sitting on the track during the Canadian GP.

Sebastian Vettel drives past a pair of seagulls during the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday. Pic/AFP

The four-time champion German, driving a bright red Ferrari, said it was "the worst moment of my race" after invading the victorious Englishman’s live post-race television interview with Sky Sports late Sunday.

"The lap before the Virtual Safety Car, I arrived into Turn One and I see this stupid couple of seagulls," said Vettel, who finished second.

"Just sitting there! All relaxed! I’m coming along at speed and my car is like red, it’s easy to see.

It doesn’t blend in like yours... It wasn’t a pigeon. It was a seagull. I could see the beak. I didn’t know their names, but they were there. It was the worst moment of my race."