London: Chelsea will issue stadium bans and support police action if it can identify the supporters who threw coins at Manchester City players at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, as the FA Cup was marred by such incidents for the second day in a row.

Coins were thrown when David Faupala celebrated with City teammates in the corner of the pitch, near Chelsea fans, after scoring on his debut.

"We condemn such idiotic and dangerous behavior," Chelsea’s head of communications, Steve Atkins, said. "If we can identify those responsible, then we will ban them from Stamford Bridge.

"It is worth noting it is a criminal offense, too. We will support any police prosecution if we can identify, along with the police, the individuals responsible for their behavior."

Chelsea's manager Guus Hiddink also voiced his disapproval.

"I was aware. I can easily say no, I am not aware. I like to face the facts. There were coins thrown at City players in their celebration. We condemn it, I condemn it," Hiddink said.