Facebook graffiti artist says 'he was offered sex every day in return for $2mln'

A graffiti artist, who is in line for a 200 million dollar payday when Facebook makes its initial public offering (IPO), has said that he was offered oral sex every day for the rest of his life, in exchange for a two million dollars slice of his new wealth.
Thirty-five-year-old David Choe, who's life has now dramatically changed, painted the Facebook office in Palo Alto, California, in 2005, and was offered the choice by then-president Sean Parker of being paid a few thousand cash or the equivalent in shares.
Now, after a blockbuster five billion dollars Facebook stock exchange flotation, Choe, who took stock when offered the option, is one of at least 1,000 company employees set to become millionaires. But Choe said he hates his new found fame and fortune, as it means that 'more people will bother him', Good Morning America reported.
"I got a text from a woman I hadn't spoken to in five years and she offered me oral sex every day for the rest of my life for 2 million dollars. Just out of the blue. It was out of nowhere and I was like ''What the hell is happening?" The Daily Mail quoted Choe, as saying.
"I cannot buy my privacy back. Every news organisation in the world is beating down the door trying to get an interview and I''m like ''Oh my God'," he added. Choe, who served time in jail in Japan, for passing forged cheques and stealing, says the money won't give him any more opportunities than he has already had.
"It''s going to sound horrible for me to say money is meaningless. But everyone's like ''What are you going to do now that you have all this money and freedom? I did everything I wanted to do when I had nothing. I''m still going to do whatever I want, except more people are just going to bother me now," he added.
Choe, who reportedly considered the idea of Facebook 'ridiculous and pointless' at the time of his painting, last month went to the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park to spray paint a wall. He also did the cover art for popular rapper Jay-Z and American rock band Linkin Park's hit 2004 music album Collision Course and even created a poster of President Barack Obama for the White House.

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