Facebook Lite has more than 200 million users! Are you one of them?facebook Lite app. Pic courtesy/YouTube

Facebook Lite app launched in June 2015 has hit a whopping 200 million users by March 2016. Facebook Lite app was launched for low-end Android devices that could give people access to Facebook even in remote area where network is weak or accessibility is less.

Facebook Lite app has made social networking more enjoyable for users. By enabling people to keep themselves engaged in social networking for a longer time span even in a low network zone, the Lite App attracted more Android users and enabled Facebook to make money from those areas where other apps do not.

Facebook Lite is growing rapidly and adding more countries as its user base. The app has also contributed to an increase in Facebook’s revenue by 52% this year. The app that grabbed 100 million active users in March 2016, is now the fastest growing one that helped Facebook to reach the milestone in revenue generation.