Facebook turns 10: A wall of 10 intriguing facts

Feb 04, 2014, 12:54 IST | ANI

On the occasion of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, here is a collection of some interesting, and a few bizarre, facts associated with the popular social networking site. Hope you ‘like’ it!

On the occasion of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, here is a collection of some interesting, and a few bizarre, facts associated with the popular social networking site. Hope you ‘like’ it!

Founder, not the first user: The Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is at number four amongst the first few users on the social networking site. In fact, the first three accounts on Facebook were reserved for testing, leaving Zuckerberg at number four

How many days have you wasted on Facebook? Those who want to congratulate the site on eating up a chunk of their last decade can take help from a new tool that estimates to the minute how much time has been spent by a user on the site. The calculator has been developed by TIME Magazine and it accesses data on when a user joined the site and how often the things have been posted to the feed.

Facebook turns 10

When FB got ‘wanted man’ arrested: A man evading arrest in Pennsylvania actually shared the police’s ‘Wanted’ message about himself on Facebook last month, only to be arrested 45 minutes later. Anthony James Lescowitch Jr. made a big blunder when he posted it ''accidentally'' for ''public view''. His post even received two ''likes'' and was commented on by a number of his friends, some of whom wished him good luck!

Facebook’s oldest registered user is 106: 106-year-old, Edythe Kirchmaier, is reportedly Facebook’s oldest registered user. Kirchmaier earned the title of being the site’s senior most member last year when friends from the medical aid charity Direct Relief signed her up for an account on her 105th birthday. According to ABC News, Kirchmaier is also California’s oldest licensed driver and the University of Chicago’s oldest living graduate. At first, she couldn’t enter her birth year of 1908 when she joined Facebook, a glitch that took the site’s engineers one month to fix after verifying her age, as it was something they never had to do before.

Yemen dad asked for 1m Facebook ‘likes’ as dowry: In December last year, a father in Yemen asked his potential future son-in-law to provide him with 1million Facebook as dowry before he allows him to marry his daughter. Salem Ayash, a poet from the city of Taiz, said that he requested the unusual ‘payment’ before agreeing to let his daughter get married as no-one in Yemen can afford to pay dowries anymore, Metro.co.uk reported. Ayash added that the groom can take a month, a year, or even two years to collect the requested number of likes and if he gets impressed by the hard work, he will be willing to be flexible to see his daughter get happily married to the guy.

Engineer finds ‘biggest’ FB bug, gets meagre pay: A computer engineer in Brazil, Reginaldo Silva, had found one of the worst kinds of vulnerabilities in Facebook'’s software last November and hoped to strike the jackpot. However, Silva was paid 33,500 dollars for the discovery, despite Facebook''s security director, Ryan McGeehan''s statement made in July 2012 that if there’s a million-dollar bug, the company would pay it out!

Facebook turns 10

When a ‘fake bikini-clad woman’ spam link went viral on FB: A fake video enticing people to click on the picture of a bikini-clad woman on a beach went viral on the site recently. Thanks to the spam link, people kept on clicking on it and the post automatically got reposted through their Facebook profile page. The post had a description, ''Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!''.

Facebook took down woman’s ‘too adult’ weight loss picture: Facebook had reportedly removed a fully-clothed weight loss picture of Marilyn McKenna, wife of former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, for promoting “adult content”. After losing 54kg post a lap band surgery, Marilyn, who weighed 120kg six years ago, posted a picture of herself wearing her old baggy pants that fitted both her legs inside one of its own while she held the waist-band out to show weight loss.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg topped 2013 charity giving list: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly topped the giving list for US philanthropists after donating a Silicon Valley foundation with nearly one billion dollars. Zuckerberg, along with wife, Priscilla Chan, contributed the sum to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation including 18 million in Facebook shares that totaled to about 992 million dollars.

Facebook likely to lose 80 pc users by 2017: Facebook is likely to lose 80 percent of its users and getting largely abandoned by 2017, researchers at Princeton University said. John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler revealed that the charts produced by the Google Trends service show Facebook searches peaked in December 2012, but since begun to trail off, the Guardian reports. The researchers made the forecast by comparing the growth curve of others online social networks, like bubonic plague.

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