Fake doctor flushed fat down toilet

48-year-old man arrested for smoking a cigar while carrying out a liposuction surgery, flushing six pounds of woman's fat down her own toilet

Authorities arrested a man in San Francisco who they say impersonated a doctor and performed liposuction on a woman while smoking a cigar -- then flushed the liquid fat down her own toilet.

How Bizarre: Carlos Guzmangarza only offered the woman a local
anesthetic and also asked her to hold her own IV bag during the

What a steal
The woman, from Daly City, said she thought she was getting a bargain when Carlos Guzmangarza (49) offered to perform the cosmetic surgery for just $3,000.

Instead, she got an infection after the procedure and had to have a real doctor do corrective surgery, authorities say.

Quack job
Guzmangarza impersonated a physician assistant with the same name and opened Derma Clinic in San Francisco.

He claimed to be operating under the supervision of a doctor.

But the state Attorney General's office says Guzmangarza has no licence to practice as a physician assistant and there was no doctor associated with his clinic.

This could, perhaps, describe why the woman received such a low price from Guzmangarza when she was shopping around for a liposuction operation.

She told authorities that he picked her up in his car and drove her to his phoney clinic on San Francisco's mission street.

He gave her a local anesthetic to numb the area and made her hold her own IV bag during the procedure.
Guzmangarza smoked a cigar while he performed the surgery, the woman reported.

The next day, as the woman was recovering, he showed up at her house with a bag containing six pounds of her own liquid fat.

Authorities say he told the woman he needed a place to dispose of the material and flushed it down her toilet.
Guzmangarza also 'treated' the woman's daughter for acne by injecting an unknown substance into her face.

The woman, authorities say, never suspected anything until her abdomen became infected and she saw a real doctor.

She has since had additional cosmetic surgery to correct the job Guzmangarza did, the Attorney General's office said.

The charges
Guzmangarza was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a licence, assault with force most likely to cause great bodily harm, battery causing serious bodily harm, false impersonation, identity theft and grand theft.

The Attorney General's office worries he may have 'operated' on other victims.



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