Mumbai: To skip her math test, 11-year-old girl concocts abduction thriller

Mar 20, 2017, 14:00 IST | Vijay Kumar Yadav

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In an annoying experience for cops, an 11-year-old girl, who made them run in circles over her own fake kidnapping by five people, fooled them. However, she had cooked up the entire story to avoid her mother's wrath for missing a Maths test. The police realised the ruse only after they launched a manhunt to nab the accused.

The girl is a Class 6 student of St. Paul's Convent High School, Dadar (East). The incident came to light last week when the girl's mother registered a police complaint.

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An officer from Bhoiwada police station said, "The girl told us that four burkha-clad women abducted her from outside Takiya Masjid, Parel. They pulled her into a van, which was being driven by a man. Then they threatened and terrorised her. She was later abandoned near Plaza Cinema, Dadar, from where she went back home walking and informed her mother." The police immediately swung into action to investigate the matter.

"The girl took us to various spots between Parel and Dadar and told us about the way she was kidnapped. However, her version was inconsistent and unclear. We realised that she was not saying the truth and hence took her back to the police station," the officer added.

Even after the cops interrogated her thoroughly, she narrated the same story. When the police could not get the truth out of her in any way, they tried a trick. They told her that the CCTV footages recovered from the spot were not in sync with her version of the story. Thereafter, she revealed the truth.

Another officer from the police station said, "The girl told us that two boys from her class used to tease her, hence she was scared to go to school. She did not appear for the test also because she was weak in Maths. She was scared to tell this to her mother. Hence, she made up the story."

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