Family wakes up to crocodile in the house

Wildlife rangers have helped an Australian family deal with an uninvited guest: a 5-foot-6-inch (1.7-metre) crocodile that wandered into their living room.

The juvenile saltwater crocodile wandered into a home in Bees Creek, a suburb of the northern Australian city of Darwin.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the family found it in a partially enclosed living area Saturday morning after their dog's barking woke them.

Resident Jo Dodd describes the encounter as "a very surreal moment" and "the most freakiest thing."

She suspects the crocodile might have been stalking the dog.

Crocodile management official Dani Best said the crocodile might have been forced out of a nearby creek by a larger crocodile. The intruder has been relocated to a crocodile farm.

1.7 m
The length of the saltwater crocodile that was found in the living room

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