Fans make beeline for photos next to post box touched by K-pop star

Apr 12, 2016, 07:36 IST | Agencies

Beijing: Hundreds of fans of Chinese actor and singer Lu Han stood in long lines to touch a post box in Shanghai after the pop star posted his photos with it, in what many netizens in the communist nation thought was a “crazy” act.

The photo posted by Lu Han. Pic/WEIBO
The photo posted by Lu Han. Pic/WEIBO

Lu (25) who shot to fame from after debuting in South Korean boy band EXO in 2012, posted a photo of himself and a post box on the Bund in Shanghai on his Weibo account last Friday. “It's Friday today, I was here, see you tomorrow,” the pop star wrote.

Soon, the post box – the sole purpose of which prior to April 8 was to receive mails to be delivered, has become the latest tourist attraction in China's financial hub. Lu's fans have been photographed standing in a 300-metre long queue at midnight to pose for photos with the post box.     

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