Fardeen Khan set for a comeback

The actor is encouraged by the positive turn of events in his court battle against cocaine possession charges

Ten years after he was caught and then charged for possession of cocaine by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Fardeen Khan is finally a bit relieved.

On Tuesday, a special trial judge said that he could only be tried for attempting to buy one and not nine grams of cocaine as sought by the NCB.

He says, "I had the utmost confidence in our legal system, and the verdict of the honourable court proves I was right to have such faith. My family and I have been through a lot in the recent times."

Long battle
The actor, however, is aware that this is just a small battle he has won in a big fight ahead of him. 

"It's a baby step but the fact that I will now be tried for possessing only one gram of the drug goes a long way in giving me hope," he says.

His rock through these trying times has been wife Natasha. "She was with me in my fight. 

If today I've received respite from our honourable court, then she is as happy as I am. But we both know the fight is not over yet."

The last few years have been a time of stress for him with the cocaine controversy and also his father Feroz Khan's death. His career suffered and work at his father's production house has also not picked up.
Now, the actor is upbeat about taking back control of his life. "I need to set our house in order. I have many responsibilities to fulfill.

I am finally getting everything sorted out. You will hear a couple of film announcements soon. A remake of my dad's film Qurbani being one of them," Fardeen further said.

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