Cricket commentator Peter Roebuck clogged timelines for much of the day after allegedly committing suicide in a hotel room in South Africa. Tony Greig echoed the sentiments of many with this tweet: 'His death leaves the grass less green and cricket without its most effective investigative journalist.' The manner in which he died led to speculation too.

Sumon K Chakrabarti, for instance, tweeted: 'Did Roebuck know something that cricket did not like? Was it about the last Australia versus South Africa test match? Wonder! Remember Bob Woolmer.' There were also comments like this one, from a certain Big Daddy D: 'Rest in Peace. Nothing says "innocent" like jumping out a sixth storey window while the police are in your room."

For the people
Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh also received much attention, as it is where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi decided to kick-start his party's election campaign. Hitesh Kumar described the latter's public appearance thus: 'The usual pointing of fingers, albeit a little energetic.' Kunal Majumder weighed in with this: 'When Mayawati gave away prizes at F1, there was no coverage. But Rahul Gandhi takes on Mayawati in Phulpur, and there is a live telecast.' Garima Singh added: 'Why are all Rahuls in an attacking mood today? Rahul Bajaj on the Kingfisher bailout, Rahul Dravid in Kolkata and Rahul Gandhi in Phulpur.'

That funny feeling
How do you know you're bored? People on Twitter spent a fair amount of time coming up with helpful examples like these: 'When you stare at one blade on the ceiling fan trying to keep up with it' and 'when you try to count how many times Harry Potter is mentioned throughout the seven books.'

The last word
Celebrating Children's Day with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma: 'Children are innocent primarily because they are ignorant. The moment they gain even a little knowledge of worldly ways, they become a pain.'

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