The suicide of farmer Gajendra Singh at AAP’s rally in New Delhi has shocked everyone. Many took to Twitter to express their anger over the incident. We gathered a few reactions.

“Nobody kills themselves 2 end their life, they do so 2 end the pain.” Take a moment,feel the pain not look for gain & stop the blame game!

Interesting:Media targeting AAP n Cong, but not asking questions to BJP.Farmer who committed suicide was from Rajsthan, a BJP ruled state.

All major prime time channels, screeched & emoted for 1hour, without finding out abt farmer-AAPtivist. As much a tragedy as Gajendra's death

Gajendra Singh. Pic/ PTI

I will review suicide drama of a farmer at #AAP rally at #JantarMantar n explain the role of media n police.

Its not just loss of one crop that leads farmer to commit suicide.Its sense of total despair at the future of farming communities in India.

Maybe he was neither a farmer nor poor but the fact remains that his three children are now without a father.

RIP Delhi Police... RIP Humanity
It was not the farmer who died yesterday... It was the death of humanity and Delhi Police...

Farmer's suicide in AAP Rally. A set up which failed or a genuine suicide? Police must investigate. But callousness of Kejriwal shocking.

Extremely pained to hear about the farmer’s suicide. Shocking that such a tragedy happened in the midst of a big crowd.

Death of the distressed farmer symbolizes what is wrong with the Indian polity. Politics is povertarianism practiced by all oblivious /2

Farmer kills self.
But, let's argue over which party was responsible.
Because, actually preventing more farmer deaths would be real work.

We all together have failed humanity. We all as a society have killed the farmer Gajendra Singh. Today we will cry. Tomorrow another day.

Only fools would make a farmer suicide an AAP issue. It is a larger, deeper problem, all parties MUST address nationally @AamAadmiParty

Made for television movement finally killed the farmer at #AAPKisanRally. No remorse or regret! I sadly recall terming AAP as Peepli Live!

Which state he comes frm whr he chose to die is something we can debate. But rural&farmer distress is a reality which govt is ignoring.

Gajendra. We know the name of this Farmer who committed Suicide. Thousands of other such farmers who died are just Statistics

Media must also introspect. Why do we have prime time debates on 'Where is Rahul' and AAP internal fights instead of farmer plight.

How culd on the earth land bill be the reason for Farmer suicide? When its not implemented yet.A drama horribly went wrong #AAPKilledFarmer

Like other AAP events why were there no Bouncers at #AAPKisanRally they could have easily saved the farmer #AAPKilledFarmer #KillerKejriwal

A farmer died in public view and everyone is busy doing politics! Irony of land of farmers! #AAPRallyMurder

Rally continued even after a poor farmer's hang up......usual politician with fake blanket.....hupps...... #AAPRallyMurder