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Their pizzas delight, the shawarma is top drawer stuff and their nachos take the sinful route alright � Hybrid Deli in Oshiwara is a must-try, non-deli haunt to indulge in fast food adventures from across the globe 

First things first: this restaurant isn't really a deli. It looks a bit like one, but not quite. And why call it a hybrid deli, when even that would confuse folk, because really, what does that even mean?


A delicatessen in its conventional sense is a term meaning delicacies or fine foods. The word entered English via German, with the old German spelling (modern German: Delikatessen). Delicatessens in many parts of the world often sell their foods by weight such as cured meats, head cheese, sausages, ham, liverwurst, salami and other cold cuts, fried chicken, spare ribs, cold salads, pickled vegetables, dips, breads and olives.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Hybrid Deli offers none of these. What it offers is primarily Italian cuisine including pizzas and pastas apart from all kinds of fast food ranging from shawarmas and hotdogs to nachos. We began with the Nachos (Rs 125) that was served with a cheese dip and salsa on the side. Crisp and salty, the nachos won us over; frankly, we would have preferred these even if it were served in their simplest form -- bring these out of the oven when they're done and cover it with dollops of sour cream, hot melted cheese and salsa.

The Chicken Shawarma (Rs 95) was made from standard shaved chicken. It was delicious: the oil and the spices were soaked into the onion, tomato, lettuce and pickled turnips and gherkins. The pita bread however, could have done better and collapsed under the weight of the stuffing.

The Barbecue Chicken Pizza (Rs 260) was packed with Mozzarella Cheese, onion and barbecue chicken. The beauty of this pizza was that it didn't taste like an Americanised / Indian Pizza. Instead, it was the type of pizza that you'd attempt at home that boasts of a lovely crust, which is neither too thin nor too thick and served with the right amount of crisp. If you are fed up of the regular pizzas, give this one a try. The pizza was without doubt the surprise winner of the evening.

The Peach Ice Tea (Rs 65) and the Strawberry Ice Tea (Rs 65) were delightful peach-strawberry-nectar potions, and offered a satisfying astringency and 'peach fuzz' dryness that rounded off our trip to this restaurant on a sweet-happy note.

At: Shop No 2, Building No 2, Lotus CHS, diagonally opposite Oshiwara Police Station, Oshiwara, Andheri (W).
Call: 09167630630

Hybrid deli
: tasty
Service: attentive
Ambience: cafe like

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