The father of a Montessori student studying at Ryan International School in Sanpada in Navi Mumbai has accused the school authorities of negligence after his three-and-a-half-year-old daughter was allegedly beaten up by another student while in school.

The alleged incident took place in school on Monday afternoon, after which the parents were called to school to pick up their daughter. Officials from Turbhe police station, where the girl’s father complained, are waiting to take statements of all parties before filing a complaint.

The Montessori student who was allegedly beaten by her classmate
The Montessori student who was allegedly beaten by her classmate.

According to the father, the entire incident took place in class while the teacher wasn't present. “My daughter says she was beaten up by another student and while the school claims it was only for a minute or two that the class teacher was not in the classroom, the bruises on my daughter clearly show that she was beaten up for a long time. This happened due to negligence on the part of the class teacher,” he claimed.

The cops say, “We are still taking statements of all parties but from what information we have gathered as of now, it looks like a fight erupted between two students in class and this girl was injured as there was no supervisor in class. We will inquire further to find out if there’s any other people involved.”

The school spokesperson, Srinivasan Neti, told mid-day that the student was found in a corner of the class by the teacher. “The teacher noticed this girl crying while few other students were surrounding her. She immediately informed the supervisor as well as the school nurse. After the girl was nursed, we immediately informed the parents,” said Neti. The school principal as well as class teacher recorded their statements at Turbhe police station on Tuesday.

“We are waiting for the police to release a final statement to find out what exactly happened in school. I refuse to believe a three year old can cause such harm to my daughter,” said the father.