Father figure

May 30, 2012, 08:44 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Father figure
Veteran politician ND Tiwari was the subject of many amusing tweets after he was forced to submit a blood sample for a paternity suit pending against him. Ramesh Srivats reacted with this: ‘Currently, in some lab, ND Tiwari’s sample is putting a line to other blood samples. “Come, let’s do the double helix.”’ There was this from someone using the handle Khujli Powder: ‘China refuses visa to ND Tiwari, fearing a population explosion. Greenland offers him a visa-on-arrival for the same reason.’ And from Pun Singh: ‘Breaking: ND Tiwari’s blood sample taken. Has been quarantined for the safety of other blood samples.’

Passing the test
The government’s decision to introduce a single entrance test for aspiring candidates for IITs and other central institutes from 2013 attracted a lot of attention. Suryanarayan Ganesh tweeted: ‘Sibal strikes a big blow to the Bihar-UP coaching class clubs that fill the IITs. The new system will give rural students a greater chance.’ Sadanand Dhume wasn't so sure: ‘In India, the competitive IIT entrance exam works. So the government has decided to replace it.’ Priya James had a question: ‘Every other day, a new scheme is rolled out by HRD and Sibal focused only on IITs and IIMs. Are these the only schools left in India?’

Bad publicity?
Also leading to much amusement was starlet Poonam Pandey’s latest publicity stunt involving another photograph of herself. Rofl Indian tweeted: ‘Dear Poonam Pandey, my worry is not that you’re making a total cheapo of yourself, but that you’re making a total Orkut of Twitter.’ Doctor At Large added: ‘Just when you thought nothing could be cheaper than the Indian rupee, she proves you wrong.’ And from Comedy Central India: ‘Each time you read a Poonam Pandey tweet, you kill a few brain cells.’

The last word
From actor Anupam Kher: ‘Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy.’

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