Father kills children to hurt his ex-wife

Dec 09, 2011, 13:58 IST | Agencies

A jilted man in Britain killed his daughter and son by slitting their throats to hurt his estranged wife as he was about to be evicted from their flat.

Jean Francis Say, 62, murdered his eight-year-old daughter Regina and son Rolls, ten, when he had custody of them for the weekend, the Sun reported Thursday.

He carried out the killings shortly after receiving a letter confirming that he was being kicked out of the family's three-bedroom property where he lived alone. His estranged wife Adjoua had moved out with the children six months earlier. So, Say wasn't entitled to the flat any longer.

After the two children finished playing online computer games, Say knifed them to death. He then called up Adjoua, telling her to call the police.

When detectives broke into the flat, they found him sitting calmly beside his children's bodies. They had been dead for several hours in the flat in Southwark, south London.

The couple, both from west Africa, had married in February 1998 in Southwark and the incident occurred Feb 12 this year.

Say has pleaded

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