Fergie amazed by 'crazy' Tevez fine reduction

Sir Alex Ferguson has waded into the Carlos Tevez saga by describing the rule which forced Manchester City to halve the fine they handed to the Argentine striker as "a bit crazy."

Alex Ferguson

An intervention from the Professional Footballers' Association, following a ruling agreed by the Premier League and FA, saw them step in and refuse to sanction the initial four-week punishment.

Tevez was facing being hit in the pocket by up �1,000,000 after allegedly refusing to play against Bayern Munich last month. But the players' union, who must ratify the decision of any club to impose a fine of more than two weeks' wages, failed to support the hardline stance taken and the penalty imposed by the club.

Manchester United manager Ferguson stepped in to offer his riposte and said: "I think it is a bit strange of course, but the regulations are there. It is a fact that the maximum fine you can give a player is two weeks' (wages)," he said."It seems a bit crazy in that particular situation, but it's there, and there's nothing you can do about it." Manchester City, who fail to answer questions on the saga, consider the matter closed.

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