Fergie will be amazing mother:

"I'm proud of her for taking that leap. You know, our life...we travel, been doing crazy things, going to different countries and selling out stadiums.

So to step away from that and to do a family, that's a big leap. She's going to be an amazing mum," In said in an interview on TV show "Chelsea Lately", reports

"I remember on our last tour, she was talking about how she and Duhamel wanted to have a family. That's a dope thing to think about," he added.


The 38-year-old is also excited at the prospect of being an uncle, as he considers Fergie, also 38, as his sister.  "Fergie's my sister. I'm really proud of her. Duhamel's amazing," he added.

Meanwhile, is also undergoing major changes in his life as the tech-obsessed producer will soon be enrolling at a university to learn computer science so he can create his own gadgets.

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