Fernandes sourced international SIM cards for 3 shootouts

Sep 08, 2011, 11:46 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Cops believe that besides providing a card to J Dey's shooter, he also gave one to Chhota Rajan's aide Umed-ur-Rahman, who then took orders for two killings

Chhota Rajan's aide Paulson Joseph Fernandes, who was arrested on Monday for providing logistical support to slain journalist J Dey's assassins, is now being suspected of also having provided a global roaming card to Rajan's aide Umed-ur-Rahman, who used it to take instructions for the killings of police informer Chhote Miyan, as well as Arif Bakr, Iqbal Kaskar's bodyguard. The latter was killed in the Pakmodia Street shootout last May.

In the net: Paulson Joseph Fernandes, an alleged Rajan aide, gave Satish
Kalia, Dey's assailant, a global roaming card

Sources revealed that Fernandes had collected ten such cards from Ravi Ratesar, a hotelier. One of these cards was given to Satish Kalia, right before Dey was shot.

Interrogations have revealed that once he received the card from Fernandes, Umed activated the number and received calls from Rajan, in course of which he was instructed to eliminate Chhote Miyan, and Bakr at the Pakmodia Street shootout.

Ratesar has given a statement before a magistrate. Cops believe that this may incriminate Fernandes for his role in Dey's assassination, as well as in the other two killings.

Since the sale of these cards was not documented, cops are finding it difficult to track down others who used them.

 "The ten global cards provided by Ratesar all have consecutive serial numbers. This will help us prove the charges against Fernandes, under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act. We have reason to believe that Fernandes gave two of these cards to Umed and sharpshooter Satish Kalia," revealed an official.

Fernandes, who has had a checkered history with the Nationalist Congress Party, was the tenth accused arrested by Mumbai Crime branch officers in the J Dey murder case.

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