Diwali is synonymous with family time for singer Sonu Nigam. "I make sure that I spend the festival at home with my loved ones. In fact, I got an offer to perform at London on Diwali night but I refused it," says Sonu.

The singer who has recently composed a number for a breast cancer awareness initiative shares his Diwali plans with CS:

Who: Sonu Nigam
What: Talking about his hectic festive season

House that!
The few days pre-Diwali were pretty hectic, especially since we were getting our house renovated for the big day. The other thing that took up a lot of our time was shopping and gifting. Thankfully, my wife Madhurima takes care of all that, so I don't have to worry about anything. I love the idea of my home getting a makeover pre-Diwali, and lighting it up to the hilt.

The traditional touch
Every year we have an elaborate Lakshmi Puja at home before we step out to burst crackers. My mom does the pooja with all the rites and rituals. I also love the idea of lighting earthen diyas instead of electric bulbs. We live in a bungalow now, so we have the liberty to light diyas, which is a little difficult to do in flats. And how can I forget the yummy desserts that are served at home. But I have given up eating sweets on Diwali for religious reasons. 

Son shine
My son, Neevan is at his excited best pre and post Diwali. He loves bursting crackers. But when he was younger he was really scared of the bombs and all. I remember I was holding him in my arms and lighting fireworks when he was an infant, a few months after his birth. Suddenly, he started crying, and I had to take him inside. The kid in me always comes to the fore during Diwali, but then I have to realise that I am a dad now. I love bursting crackers. As a kid, I took part in endless cracker-lighting competitions. Nowadays, it's different because of the pollution and environment concerns. But I love the crackers that emit lots of light.

Sharing and caring
I believe that Diwali shouldn't be celebrated selfishly just within your family. I make sure that my domestic help and people working for me also get to enjoy the festival. So, I ensure that they have new clothes, crackers and sweets on these three days. Happiness is always doubled when you share with others.