Fidel Castro alive and in good health

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has given an interview to a Venezuelan television station, first time after the rumours emerged that he was very ill and near to his death.     
The 85-year-old leader appeared relaxed and in good health. His pictures were posted on Cubadebate, a state-run website.    

Fidel Castro. Photo/AFP 
Reports suggest that he was interviewed in Havana, but it had not yet been broadcast and it was not immediately clear when it would be.
"I hate to inform those who are enjoying themselves by believing that Commandante Fidel has had a stroke that he is alive and kicking," The Telegraph quoted the Venezuelan journalist who conducted the interview, as saying.
However, it is expected that the interview would be broadcast in a day or two.
Cuban Parliament Chief Ricardo Alarcon also confirmed that Castro "is well and enjoying good health."
"Fidel himself said it awhile ago: The day he dies nobody will believe it because they have killed him so many times," he added.
Castro has not appeared in public since a Communist Party summit in April, when he seemed unsteady and unusually fragile. He has all but stopped writing his trademark opinion pieces, and didn''t make a statement or release a photograph on his birthday last month.

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