What is common between Zinedine Zidane and Miguel Herrera? Both were denied World Cup glory due to a headbutt!

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera
Mexico coach Miguel Herrera

While every football fan knows about what Zidane did to Marco Materazzi in that eventful 2006 final, Miguel Herrera's case is a little unknown. The current Mexican coach was a right-back in his playing days. 

In 1994, when he was almost certain to go to the USA representing his country, he headbutted an opponent from the Hondurus team and was sent off. The then Mexican coach, Miguel Baron, did not take him to the World Cup after that, citing that he was not trustworthy.

That was a terrible blow to the Mexican whose World Cup dream was shattered. So, when the Mexican football federation asked him to take charge of the Mexican team, then placed fourth in the Concacaf qualifiers behind the USA, Costa Rica and Hondurus, Herrera did not think twice to take the responsibility of taking Mexico to Brazil.

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He did so in style, leading Mexico to a 9-3 win over New Zealand in the play-off. In the following six months, Mexico made it to the Last 16 of the World Cup by securing second place in Group A where they did not allow Brazil to score against them. They will be playing against the Netherlands today.

Like the legendary Argentine Helenio Herrera, considered to be the pioneer of 'Catenaccio' in Inter Milan, Herrera, too, thrives on defensive tactics. His team follows the 5-3-2 formation, with his team waiting deep in their half for the right time to go for a counter-attack.

And Herrera's histrionics on the sidelines are already a hit with the huge Mexican fan contingent in Brazil. His team, too, is trustworthy enough for him to give the coach moments to celebrate, thus paying their tribute to the coach who is now a part of the World Cup and definitely 'trustworthy'!