FIFA World Cup: Spain will be back again, insists Diego Simeone

Rio de Janeiro:  Atletico Madrid's Argentine manager Diego Simeone says defending champions Spain "will be back competing again - just like they have done for the last 10 years".

Diego Simeone
Diego Simeone 

Simeone also added that the Netherlands and Chile played better and with more intensity, "and identified the best way to play against Spain", reports EFE.

"Spain made us fall in love with the football we saw at Barcelona. It was an incredible moment which brought together a wonderful group of individuals - and the results were there for all to see that moment is not the same as before and all the rest are always looking to try to beat them, to beat Barcelona and to beat Spain - so it's logical some have found the formula for competing against them," Simeone wrote in his blog.

"Football is very changeable. Spain's players will have gone to the World Cup aiming to give their best, but when another team prepares as well as you and competes as you do, playing with more intensity and more aggressively, you can end up losing," Simeone added.

Simeone said that he did not want to interfere in Spain's coach Vicente del Bosque's business.

"A coach knows why he picked the players he picked. I have never wanted to interfere or talk about that."

Spain were eliminated from the World Cup after two consecutive losses against the Netherlands and Chile in Group B. They will play Australia in a game that will not change the destiny of both teams.

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