Dec 11, 2011, 09:03 IST | Shreyas Rajagopal

1-2 players/Online multiplayer
Rs 2,499

FIFA 12 is the latest iteration of EA's superhit football simulator and offers the most complete experience yet. Every year fans expect improvements in graphics, gameplay and added features and FIFA 12 doesn't disappoint.

The new 'tactical defending' feature is tougher and more involving than the old 'pressurise' system, your defenders no longer home into the advancing forward but stop a few feet away, closing off angles much closer to the actual game.

Connecting with a full length tackle is difficult, rightly making it an option of the last resort. The new 'precision dribbling' for added control and 'player impact' simulating crashes on the pitch increase the realism further.
Longtime fans will have to adjust to the slower and more natural feel of this game, but spend enough time and you will grow to appreciate it.

The career mode has you play as a player and / or a manager and this time the 'team management' game is more fleshed out with player morale, youth academies and extended trading seasons.

Online multiplayer options are fleshed out your exploits, in head to head and tournament games are tracked and you can compete in weekly tournaments.
In an added feature, your performances contribute to the score of your favourite football club in worldwide rankings. The new Challenge mode promises recent real world storylines that can be downloaded as custom scenarios for you to win.

The game presentation and graphics are flawless you still choose from a list of teams from all over the world, or even create your own. Stadiums, players and uniforms are detailed  thanks to the official FIFA license.
Sound is good with better crowd chants though the commentary hasn't improved too much. Ever closer to the real thing, must-have for every football fan.

Quick Take
Graphics: Greay
Overall Gameplay: Great
Worth it? Yes
Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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