Fight club! Smriti Irani, Priyanka Chaturvedi engage in ugly Twitter duel

BJP and Congress have been locking horns in Parliament for ages, but the war now seems to have moved online. Smriti Irani of BJP and Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress and got involved in an ugly spat, which ironically revolved around women’s safety

It all began when Priyanka tweeted an opinion piece in which she claimed that she was being threatened with ‘Nirbhaya-like’ rape on Twitter.

 A Twitter user then brought Smriti Irani into the picture, and the conversation deviated to unneeded paths

The fiery characters that they are, neither refused to back away 

  • shyam23-May-2016

    congress appears to be desperate in creating chaos and claim come back. just see the level playing... of course they will come back only to LOOT THIS COUNTRY

  • Joe Chakeu23-May-2016

    What is Smriti Irani worried about, Priyanka is just a Narsee Monjee Graduate, unlike you a Yale Graduate. So Ms. Irani focus on getting gaining student’s confidence and not gaining weight by the day

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