Fight to the finish

Pakistan ruled out a unilateral withdrawal of troops from Siachen and sought greater trust with India. Naturally, this became the topic of discussion for a while. Suresh En asked: ‘If Pakistan finds it difficult and expensive to stay militarized in Siachen, let them withdraw. Why ask India to do it?’ There was another question from Gaurav Sawant: ‘Why does the PMO think Siachen is low hanging fruit? What has Pakistan done to give the PM confidence we won’t be stabbed in the back again?’ Ugra Narasimha asked, ‘You want to abandon it because the enemy asks you to do so?’ There was this from Naveen Tomar: ‘With such strategic significance, any statement de-emphasising Siachen is both puerile and sterile.’ And a suggestion from Abdulla Madumoole: ‘Why only Siachen, demilitarize the entire border without compromising our security. Both countries can save both lives and money.’

Feel the force
May 4 prompted fans of the Star Wars movies to celebrate, punning on the catchphrase ‘May the Fourth be with you.’ As George Webster tweeted though, ‘Star Wars came out on May 25, 1977. This ‘clever’ play on May 4 isn’t clever or funny or relevant or needed or wanted.’ Someone using the handle BinaryDad added: ‘I don’t really understand anyone who has made it past puberty being remotely impressed by Star Wars. So today will be hard.’ And from Rich Jones: ‘Man, that Star Wars joke that everyone tells every year is totally hilarious.’

Here to serve?
Soon after Air India was reportedly fined $80,000 for poor customer service, a certain Vignesh Ramani tweeted: ‘This was just waiting to happen.’ Pritesh Singh added: ‘Wonder what will happen if BSNL starts its services in USA!’

The last word
From journalist Barkha Dutt: ‘As a self reliant woman, I find the concept of alimony totally antiquated. Thus, debate around proposed new marriage laws leave me conflicted.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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